Gay Marriage And Same Sex Marriage Essay

718 Words Dec 7th, 2015 3 Pages
Have you ever imagined how taking courses can change the way you express about same sex marriage and the heterosexuals? Heterosexual Privilege Awareness, Prejudice, and Support of Gay Marriage among Diversity Course Students was written by Kim Case and Briana Stewart a journal of College teaching. I agree with the authors and believe the research was the perfect method for students to change their attitudes and beliefs about lesbians and same sex marriage. Firstly , in the article , the authors introduce us on how support for gay marriage and heterosexual privilege awareness often receive a lot of attention in diversity .Summarizing the article Case and Stewart talked about a current research of courses in Kentucky that consisted on student’s attitudes toward support for same sex marriage , heterosexuals privilege Awareness, discrimination against bisexuals, lesbians ,and transgender to name a few, inviting students to participate in different courses .
The research contributed a lot of excellent and specific details related with student’s own sexuality along with coursework that resulted helpful and showed changes from students, while at the end of the study it proved that by taking this course will result in students reduction of prejudice and the changes of their attitudes against same sex marriage, bisexual ,and transgender positively not to support them but to stop…

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