Gay Marriage And Same Sex Marriage Essay

826 Words Jun 7th, 2015 4 Pages
In todays world there are many different controversial topics, where there is usually a clear-cut line that divides those who are either against it or for it. A prominent example of this would be same sex marriage, which lately has been drawing more attention then usual due to the fact that soon there is to be a Supreme Court decision on it. All together, I am for same sex marriage and although some people believe that the Supreme Court will either make or break same sex marriage I do not believe that. In he following paragraphs, it will illustrate the views of both those who are for and against same sex marriage, discredit some arguments that are against same sex marriage, and lastly provide a public health policy that will address same sex marriage.
To begin, many people oppose same sex marriage but it is also supported by many people and for good reasons too. For example, when people consider marriage whether it is same sex or not things that come to mind are stability, quality, finances, etc. What many people don’t know is that marriage is not just for the physical benefits but also the psychological benefits. When a bond of marriage is established between two people it is not just an emotional bond but also a psychological bond. Also according to one article discrimination against same sex couple will increase the chances for same sex couple t developed physical and mental disorders (Dry, 2014). Another reason to support same sex marriage is because besides the benefits…

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