Gay And Lesbians Marriage Essay

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Gay and lesbians Marriage

People question themselves all the time, what is love? There are numerous definitions of what love is but love in my opinion is when two people different feel connected doesn’t matter what race, nationality, or gender. Love lies within every human. Every human being should have the full right to love whoever they want. There should not be any discrimination against love. Love has many different form, some that people will never understand such as gay and lesbian love.
Majority of people believe that they deserve the rights that the government has given them. An honorable citizen who plays their parts such as pays their taxes, serve their country and obey the law should be afford the rights of an American.
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Same-sex unions must be embraced in Survivor Benefits because not only the homosexual is being discriminated but also the children of these relationships.
There are numerous of ways that the government is affecting homosexual couples. The argument is much more severe than just their marriage. Everyone pay taxes in America including the gay and lesbians couples then how come they are not receiving the same right as everybody else? This is the Vermont’s argument for the rights of gay and lesbian couples. During the Baker v. Vermont case, “gay and lesbian couples had argued that they were rejected the protection of more than 300 laws for not allowing to get marry” (Meredith 1). Same-sex couples are not receiving the protection under the legislation of the state strictly. Therefore, they are suing the state for that. The Vermont House of Representatives voted for the same-sex civil union bill. This evidence shows that homosexuals are not treated equally in the eyes of the law. However, same-sex marriages are now recognized as nationwide legal. The population of same-sex couple had increased, now people are starting to adjust to change of the society.
Some people argued that if gay and lesbian couples agree to stay in their own communities, they would accept same-sex marriage. However, this would throwback to during 1960s and 1970s where segregation occurred; separated but equal. This would create division and a differences. If segregation happen again

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