The Arthurian Legend: Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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The Arthurian Legend is a collection of various stories which revolve around King Arthur, one of the legendary kings of Britain. These stories vary in their versions, interpretations, and spelling of names but their essences remain the same. They regale us with tales of the time prior to King Arthur’s conception to his rise to kinghood, tales of his adventures with his Knights of the Round Table, tales of the adulterous romance that occurred between his queen, Guinevere, and his knight and friend, Sir Lancelot, tales of the greater quest for the Holy Grail, and tales of the dissension among his knights, the destruction of his kingdom, and the allusion to his eventual death. The Arthurian legend has stood the test of time as part of the Matter …show more content…
In 1190, the German Poet Hartmann von Aue translated Chretien de Troyes’ Erec, but the part wherein de Troyes’ describes Morgue giving Arthur a healing plaster is substituted with von Aue’s 82 lines devoted to a Morgue Famurgan and her supernatural nature and powers. von Aue also made a statement about Morgan living in or under the waters, specifically suggesting that she was a “divinity of the waters.” In summary, Morgan le Fay is known as a water nymph, a naiad, and this attribute of hers is recognized as the oldest. She is also gifted with the ability to fly, something attributed to her in Vita Merlini. Hartmann von Aue also includes in his translation of Erec Morgan’s knowledge of herbs and her ability to fly through the air. Graindor de Brie’s Bataille Loquifer speaks of Morgan and two other fays carrying Renouart to Avalon, where Arthur, Gawain, and Ivain have already been flown. In some versions, she and the other fays of Avalon participate in the tradition of possessing the power of flight in the shape of birds, much like in Didot Percival, where the hero of the tale is attacked by a flock of birds and when he strikes one of them down, the bird transforms into a beautiful woman who is then carried off by other

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