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Charles de Gaulle, in his general's uniform
Gaullism (French: Gaullisme) is a French political ideology based on the thought and action of "Resistance" leader then president Charles de Gaulle. Contents * 1 Doctrine * 1.1 Foreign policy * 1.2 Domestic policies * 2 Political group * 3 Germany * 4 Gaullist political parties * 5 References * 6 See also |
Foreign policy
The main theme of de Gaulle's foreign policy was national
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Domestic policies
One may also cite social conservatism, and economic dirigisme and volontarisme (namely the defense of spatial planning, economic planning, and Keynesianism) as parts of the Gaullist ideology, but these are not necessarily accepted by all who called themselves Gaullists. Gaullism is generally considered a right-wing ideology, but there have also been left-wing Gaullists, the differences between the two consisting of differing social and economic policies.
Gaullism has sometimes been characterized as a form of populism, since de Gaulle relied heavily on his personal charisma. That is, de Gaulle preferred a direct relationship with the people to parliamentary politics; to some extent, he was scornful of politicians and political games. He resigned after failing to obtain a majority in a constitutional referendum on a reform of the French Senate.
One particularity of Gaullism is the French embrace of nuclear energy as a means of energy and national independence. This emerged after the 1973 oil crisis in the "messmer plan" of Gaullist prime minister Pierre Messmer. Between 1974 and 1990 France installed 56 nuclear reactors.
Political group
The "Gaullists" as a political group used to refer to the Union of Democrats for the Republic.
Since de Gaulle's death, and the break-up of the UDR,

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