Gattaca, The And, And Natural Way Of Conceiving Essay

1400 Words Jan 16th, 2016 6 Pages
In the movie GATTACA, which takes place some time in the future, it is considered normal for parents to visit doctors who specialized in child conception in order to select the best traits for their children. While the majority of the human race in GATTACA chose to rely on doctors specializing in child conception in order to determine the traits of their child, there are those who still use the “old” and natural way of conceiving. Some would say that “playing God” for their children would be wrong while others might say that this could be the dawn of a new future for the human race. Nevertheless, the things done in GATTACA that could happen in the near future are all keys to doors that could open up new possibilities for trait selection for children. Here, we shall explore the positive and negative aspects of the world of GATTACA and determine whether or not it would be beneficial to have something like this in the future. One positive aspect of the world of GATTACA was that fewer people would be getting horrible diseases and or illnesses that could potentially take one’s life away. With the genes coding for prone-ness to certain diseases or encoding for a specific illness gone, people do not have to worry about when their last meal might be, and instead can enjoy life to the fullest. With the thoughts of death or a short life-span put behind, one can put their mind and thoughts to something bigger than death; their goals in life. In GATTACA, it seemed that there was…

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