Gattaca Is A Film Production Directed By Andrew Niccol Essay

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GATTACA is a movie production directed by Andrew Niccol in 1997. GATTACA is a scientific fiction about a man named Vincent Freeman who was genetically modified at birth. He was born with a severe heart condition that would stop him from living out his dream. Since he was a child he had always dreamed about going into space, but a simple drug test would continue to stand in his way. He had a brother who was born normally and he became very athletic and basically better than Vincent. Vincent and his brother, Antoine, were swimming in an ocean. They played this game called chicken and it was whoever could swim out the farthest without giving up. They played this game quite often, until one day they were playing it and Antoine lost for the first time. Vincent saved his brother’s life and then took off. He then went to work as a janitor at GATTACA for a while and then he couldn’t pass the drug test to be officially entered in as a GATTACA employee. Since they would not let him in he contacted someone that would be someone you usually don’t contact. A doctor named Dr. Lamar did procedures that changed Vincent from himself to a man named “Jerome.” The real Jerome could not walk and he was a drunk. Vincent as Jerome passed the drug test and became an official member of GATTACA and was now authorized to go into outer space. He became one of their best employees until the director who authorizes who goes into space was killed. Murdered actually. The detectives found an eyelash…

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