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Should We Use DNA Testing?

In Gattaca, a film whose roots are firmly planted in the Science Fiction genre, the timeline in which the movie is set is never really stated, thus it could be next year, in another ten, or not for one hundred. While this is effective is making us believe that this could be, "just around the corner", the society presented is widely regarded as being too close to our present day in order to present a true chilling image. With DNA testing already quite common in the sporting world and in what the movie centers around, space exploration, Gattaca arguably fails to deliver its message with enough force to severely impact on the psyche of viewers.

Many modern day sporting teams invest in the technology of
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As the movie progresses, we see Vincent go through numerous body fluid tests in order to continually "prove his identity", but these too are also quite common in some jobs today.

Regularly, NASA employees and even professional sportspeople will have to pass bodily fluid tests, in order to search for any illegal substances or abnormalities in the body. This being a primary theme in Gattaca as being an obstacle that must be evaded, the technology Vincent uses to bypass Gattaca's staunch security measures is nevertheless still quite a long way off being used commercially. Furthermore, the regularity of these substance tests seems to be quite extreme and implausible, alongside the monitored fitness tests all employees at Gattaca must go through. While adding to the theme of always evading, it seems to be somewhat excessive throughout the movie.

The world depicted in Gattaca is one very like ours, and it is easy to see how after a few more years, our world will become that world. There are many parts of Gattaca that already occur commonly in modern day society, but should our world really be heading in this direction? Would it not be better to leave a "few things to chance" as Vincent's father said before the "selection" of Anton? If we start ‘playing god' with our own DNA, we shall eradicate the very intricacies that indeed make us human. Sure, in a few generations, certain diseases and disorders could be

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