Gattac The World Of Science Fiction Essay

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As the world of science enters the realm of what was once science fiction, many important debates and discussions will serve to mold the world’s future. Thus enter the old science fiction flicks such as the 1997 film Gattaca, a movie ahead of its time with respect to its focus on parents’ eugenic policies that promoted the manipulation of their children’s genes. After viewing this film, it is difficult not to conclude that any form of gene editing technology only leads to a dystopian future in which genetic discrimination rules supreme. We must despise any potential Nazi-esque policies that Vincent Freeman had to suffer through as a result of the eugenic ideal of his society. The obvious enemy of humankind is this gene editing technology that enables such policies to be enforced. Yet this perspective is cynical and skewed; it fails to account for the many boons that gene editing technology could provide and humanity’s ability to obtain these boons in an impartial, fair manner. Of course, all of the potential benefi ts that gene editing can bring must be balanced through thorough ethical deliberation and prudence by the human population as a whole.
The concept of gene editing itself is not new; the first genome targeting technology was created by the researchers Pavletich and Pabo back in 1991. While this technology certainly helped spark the ethical debates concerning genome editing, it failed to yield an affordable and efficient means of editing human DNA. While there…

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