Gattac The Science Fiction Film Gattaca Essay

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Zhu, Qinyun
Humanities 1 #8025
In the Science fiction film Gattaca, Vincent is a child who was given birth naturally and is known as a "God-child". Who is Anton? Anton is the second son who is Vincent 's brother and is a genetically modified person. He is Well-developed genetic medicine combines the best of eggs and sperm. Why did Vincent ' parents genetically engineer their second son? What 's wrong with Vincent? As soon as Vincent was born, he was diagnosed abnormalities with several chances of diseases and short life span. His father was not pleased by this results. So the second child they decided to used the genetic engineering.
Why does Vincent want so badly to become an astronaut? He has always been yearning for the space and becoming an astronaut, but his genes doomed that it was only an illusion. Years later, he found a job as a cleaner in Gattaca. And managed to find a special agent to forge his identity. Who is Jerome Morrow and what is his problem? Why did He step out in front of the automobile? This agent managed to find a genetically engineered person named Jerome Morrow, who used to be an excellent athlete but was paralyzed after a tragedy accident. Ironically, the accident happened due to he won a silver medal not a gold one in a swimming competition so he intentionally walked in front of a car and unintentionally paralyzed himself. Jerome 's mission is to prepare genetic fingerprints such as urine and blood samples for him every day.And Vincent…

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