Gatsby's Downfall Analysis

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Who is to blame for the downfall of Gatsby? Was he really responsible for his own actions? I think Gatsby was responsible for his own actions because you can’t blame what you do on another person. No matter how much it was apparent to the reader that everything he was doing was wrong and could be contributed to the other characters of the story you can't just pawn blame off on other people for your actions. George wilson killed Gatsby.
George’s wife myrtle is having an affair on george with Tom Buchanon. Georges wife is upset because he has found out about the affair, when she sees Gatsby’s car drive by she runs out in front of it because she thought Tom was driving like he was earlier. Daisy was actually driving the car and she knew Tom was
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Gatsby is willing to take the blame for daisy Because he is in love with her and thinks it’s what he should do for her.
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Tom says to George “He didn’t even stop his car”(Fitzgerald 141). This is implying that a man hit her with the intention of killing her not on accident. Later in the story Tom says “he was crazy enough to kill me if I haden’t told him who owned the car” (Fitzgerald 178). It is apparent to the reader that George Wilson wanted revenge for the death of his wife.
The final point I’d like to bring up is the fact that george was also found dead by gatsbys pool. Why else would george have been killed unless he did it to himself? He was struggling with the death of his wife and wanted revenge but that couldn’t make him happy. He wanted to move and live the rest of his life with his wife in peace but she was killed by daisy.
So take this as a lesson if you want to do what’s best for your self keep emotions and love out of the equation. No matter how much you think it’s other people's fault it really isn't because you can't send the blame off to someone else for what you did. George was responsible for
Gatsby's death even though Gatsby was not involved in the death of his wife.

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