Gator Football History

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The University of Florida is a very prestigious Division One school especially in football. In my research paper I will be talking about the history of Florida Gator football which began in 1906, and how the school started their football tradition. A man by the name of Steve Spurrier is the head coach who set them up for multiple national titles, and the current 3 national championships that they have, Chris Leak who played for them from 2003-2006 had a great contribution. Another legend who suited up in a gator uniform former Heisman winner Tim Tebow, talking about the history of the sports drink we know of today as Gatorade. A lot of people might not really know about their stadium to well which is called the swamp, which is one of the most difficult places to play in the nation. The famous motto that is used by the Florida Gators is either you’re a gator or gator bait is to strike fear in opponents. I will also give some more information about the famous …show more content…
He was at his most overwhelming as a pitcher. He intersection rectifier the Hill toppers to 2 straight state titles and did not lose one diversion all through his last 3 seasons. Steve was an individual UN organization was prepared to play different games And exceptionally turn into a competitor. the essential sign that Steve was a unique player came in 1964, during the time session of his sophomore season. With the Gators trailing 13-3 late inside the final quarter at Mississippi State. Steve and in this manner the Gators delighted in another huge year in 1965. afresh he target-chasing Sunshine State to numerous dig out from a deficit wins, together with a 14-10 experience story over Georgia. in this one, Steve intersection rectifier the Gators again from a three-point shortage with four minutes remaining. He moreover utilized most outstanding opponent Sunshine State with late-diversion heroics in an exceedingly 30-17

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