Gas Tax Essay Solution

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Register to read the introduction… People all over America need to go to work to make money and support their families. They cannot stop their lives do to extremely high gas prices. No matter the price of fuel, people need to carry on with their lives, and that they will do. Prices can continue to climb because the demand continues to climb. Because there is such a shortage in the crude oil industry, gas taxes have also been increasing heavily on top of the already sky high prices of fuel.

The gasoline tax is a growing problematic factor in today's economy. In Connecticut, the gas tax is currently 25 cents per gallon. Many people are unaware that they even pay this tax and as a result, the gas tax will soon be going up by almost 3 cents. People all over the country are raging. United states citizens all over the country have found many reasons why this new gas tax penalizes certain groups of people. First, people of rural areas and Westerners, where distances are great and cars are driven far more than in Eastern or urban areas are effected enormously. Almost one fourth of their salaries are put toward gasoline. Secondly, the gas tax points directly at the broad middle class. Because it is mainly the middle class that is injured, the gas tax is claimed to be regressive and ultimately unfair.

The Solution to Gas Shortages n the
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The only realistic solution to this worldwide problem could be worldwide conservation. Oil companies could start intensely drilling oil hotspots in Alaska but that would only create more problems for the country. Oil and gas conservation means citizens would find better and more efficient use with regard to economic, social or environmental costs and benefits, resulting in attainment of higher energy use efficiencies, minimization of wasteful practices and wastage and protection of the environment. Doing this would not be easy but people all over the country would have to make sacrifices. Heat used in businesses, houses, and schools would have to be drastically decreased. The use of hot water would need to be decreased as well. Besides these small inconveniences, there is one more way that oil consumption could be achieved by Americans. Drastically tapping into the Hybrid Electric car industry. Hybrids are cars that do not solely depend upon gasoline. They are cars that are powered by electricity which help automobiles get 20-30 more miles per gallon. Automobiles are one of the biggest factors in the oil shortage and high gas prices today and getting involved in the gas-less car industry could save our economy in the long

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