Gary 's Environment : Gary Movie Essay

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Gary’s Environment During Gary’s adolescence, he was plagued with the burdens of one unfit parent and one absent parent who seemed to be doing well. This alone was enough to force Gary into impulsive thinking and irrational decision making. The problem is that Gary was not able to have a normal childhood because he was born into poverty with an unfit single mother and forced to take on adult responsibilities. He had no idea what good parenting or positive decisions were. At only 17 years old Gary had gotten his girlfriend pregnant and was faced with another battle of adulthood. His environment was toxic and had been for years, the desire for a change pushed him to his breaking point; he gave up because he was never taught the difference between a wise decision and a good deed all he knew how to do was fail. His environment failed him because he did not have access to positive resources or people that would positively benefit him.
Gary’s Change While Gary may have felt that there was only one correct decision to make; getting married and dropping school to get a job, working with a Human Services Professional could possibly change his outlook. Gary would greatly benefit by working closely with an HSP because he would have an opportunity that he has never had before; he will have positive resources & a fresh environment. Having someone to talk to and rely on other than Linda would be good for Gary since he never could experience a close relationship with anyone. The HSP…

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