Gary Paulsen Biography

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Register to read the introduction… Paulsen was born on May 17, 1939. His father was a professional soldier and his mother worked at a munitions factory. His parents did not make a whole lot of money, so Paulsen had to work at several different jobs. He learned to read at a very early age and developed a passion for it. Paulsen was excited about reading and decided to take a trip to the library for a new book. The librarian knew exactly what book to give Gary Paulsen when she saw him and issued him a library card. Gary Paulsen said, “When she handed me that card, she handed me the world.” From that day on, Gary Paulsen began learning valuable skills with every single book that he read. However, he did not learn writing skills at school where he had …show more content…
He went to several schools because he was a troublemaker. Gary Paulsen got into fights and his grades were C’s and D’s. He had a horrible experience in school because he moved so much and that was not good for him. He apparently let out his frustrations and feelings with his fists. It is hard to have any friends when you move around so much and fight, so Paulsen was extremely shy. Gary Paulsen finally decided that he wanted a better life and became a scribe. The job as a scribe helped him realize that writing was his passion. Paulsen’s passion for writing was originally created from reading books and talking about adventures. Gary Paulsen has written more than one hundred and seventy five books and two hundred articles. Gary Paulsen always loves to tell everyone about everything that he has accomplished. In his book Guts, Paulsen describes heart racing and exciting tales about his many adventures. Two books have won him the Newberry Award. These two books are The River and The Winter Room. Gary Paulsen’s reasons for writing any particular book are

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