Garlic Honey Case Study

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Are you aware that garlic honey may help you breathe better?

The respiratory system could be affected by environmental toxins, eating poorly, along with other external reasons behind irritation as well as a breakdown of the tissues.

It’s different for every individual dependent on how their immune system works. However, the overall symptoms can actually hinder the quality of life.

The most important problem is the viruses and also bacteria end up leading to infections. Moreover, in severe cases, they result in inflammation which makes breathing difficult and also keeps oxygen and nutrients from reaching your lungs the way they need to.

That’s exactly why it’s very important to keep an eye on your habits.

You should make sure to eat
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They are able to strengthen your immune system as clearing your respiratory airways as well.

Below, we’d love to recommend this super-nutritious garlic honey recipes. It’s well-known to be a powerful antibiotic, expectorant, and also anti-inflammatory remedy.

It’s easy to make, and for a very low price it can help will all kinds of respiratory issues.

Read on and then try it out!

Garlic honey for a healthy respiratory system

Garlic honey is a traditional ancient remedy which has been used to cure respiratory problems.

That you can tell from its name, it’s made out of honey and garlic cloves and forms an all-natural syrup with antibiotic and detoxifying powers.

The benefits of honey

Organic and natural honey is a beloved production both all-natural medicine and gastronomy, as well as in the natural beauty world.F

• First of all, remember that it is used for hundreds of years in natural remedies, specifically for infections, respiratory problems, and also digestion issues.

• In addition, this is an important source of enzymes and also antioxidants that work together with its minerals and vitamins to help in keeping the immune system up as well as
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• It keeps numerous viruses and bacteria from growing inside your body, thus preventing many different kinds of health problems.

• In addition, garlic is a classic cure for a sore throat, sneezing, as well as other respiratory issues, because consuming it can help cleanse your system.

• It continues to be attributed anti-cancer properties. Garlic may have benefits for those at risk of lung cancer.

• Finally, garlic actually helps improve asthma, bronchitis, as well as other chronic respiratory health issues.

How can I make garlic honey at home?

If you wish to enjoy the amazing benefits of garlic honey, it’s extremely important to ensure you’re using 100% organic honey.

That’s for the reason that refined honey contains added sugar and doesn’t have the same nutritional profile.


• 3 heads of garlic
• 1 cup organic honey ( 335 g )


• Glass jar with top
• Wooden spoon


• First, put the garlic through a garlic press or even mash them until it forms a thick paste.
• Then, add all of it to a glass jar after that cover with the

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