Garden State: and His Depression Essay

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Gina Caddeo English 099 Mr. Covell October 11, 2008 Garden State: “Large” and His Depression Work Cited
Gina Caddeo
English 099
Mr. Covell
October 11, 2008
Garden State: “Large” and His Depression In the movie, Garden State, Andrew Largeman says that his mother has been depressed her whole life, “for no apparent reason.” It is because of her depression that the accident occurs. As a nine-year-old boy, Andrew is frustrated that his mother is depressed and that he cannot make her happy. In anger he shoves her causing her to fall over the door of the dishwasher injuring her neck and causing the paralysis. It is this part of the movie that I can identify with as I too suffer from depression; I actually have what is called Bipolar
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She is very cold and distant and a bit sarcastic just like Gideon. According to my parents, I am selfish and I left my children because I just wanted to be rid of my responsibilities. I think leaving my children in a good stable home while I got better was one of the most unselfish things that I could have ever done. To have kept them with me, as sick as I have been would have been selfish. My daughters have been through hell because of my illness and me. One of their first complete sentences was “Mommy, why are you crying?” and one of their earliest memories is of me being hospitalized for a major bought of depression. I often have cursed God for giving me such a blessing, yet it being such a cruel joke. My girls deserve so much better than a mother who is the way that I am. They deserve a mother who isn’t too sick half the time to actively participate in their lives the way that they deserve. They have had to grow up too fast and are wise beyond their years because of all that they have been through with my illness. Like “Large”, they have gotten frustrated and disappointed with me on more than one occasion when I was too sick to take them somewhere, or had to cancel plans because of my illness. Now, they do understand and they love me fiercely. They do have a tendency to be a bit overprotective with me and they are sometimes confused about where the boundary is in our adult/child relationship. My one daughter,

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