Garden of Love Essay

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In the poem “The Garden of Love”, which has a figurative meaning, the writer makes a contrast of the experience of his childhood with that of his adult life. Which techniques does he use to achieve this objective? In the collection A Choice of Poets, the author, William Blake expresses his feelings about his childhood compared to his adulthood in the poem “The Garden of Love”. The disappointment of the poet is a dominant tone in this piece of literature. The poet used figurative language to bring his point across. Blake uses the first person technique to speak directly to the reader about his dreadful experience as an adult. He also uses this technique to talk about the old days. This shows that he speaks from his experience. …show more content…
Another example of symbolism shown was the use of the chapel which represented rules that

enslave adults in society. Blake is oriented towards playfulness and fun activities and the chapel

symbolizes the opposite of Blake’s desires which is stillness and order. The rhyme scheme of the

first stanza is A-B-C-B. The use of figurative language along with the simple rhyme scheme

combines to offer a soothing effect for the reader. Also, the repetition of "I" in the opening stanza

encourages the reader to trust the poet’s point of view.

“I went to the Garden of Love,
And saw what I never had seen;
A chapel was built in the midst,
Where I used to play on the green.” The tone gradually becomes darker because the experience of the poet’s life becomes more depressing with adulthood. The dark tone begins when the poet returned to the place where he used to play as a child. When he goes there, he notices that a chapel was built in the middle of his internal playground of happiness. He understands that the carefree life he had when he was a child was now replaced by the rigidity of rules. This garden of love symbolized a place of merriment and liberty. As he gets older, he mentions that a chapel was built. This chapel represents all of the rules and regulations that the poet has to adhere to as an adult which takes away his freedom that he once felt as a minor.
“I went to the Garden of Love…
A chapel was built in the

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