Cheesecake Shop Case Study

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Customer promise
The Cheesecake Shop (TCS) presented a clear description of their 'customer promise'. They had three different outlines that represented and promised the customer about their services. The first promised that all cakes are baked in stores and cakes can be customised according to the customer. They offer a same-day service to complement their customer experience. The second emphasises that cakes are made with love and that all ingredients are top quality. The third promises that TCS provides a genuine service and solution for any occasion and not for the purpose of just selling cakes ( The Cheesecake Shop, n.d.).
Gaps model in relation to customer promise
Gap 1 identifies the difference between a customers expectations of
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TCS promised to provide a quick same-day service to all customers. When I was served, the staff asked what cake I had in mind and I replied that I was not sure; the staff gave me a quick response as to what cakes were popular and suggested I try them. She also offered me a sample which enhanced the overall customer experience. She presented a proffessional service that was prompt and helpful, which exceeded my …show more content…
The Gaps model applies to the online service experience as it is also service interaction between the customer and the management. Customers search online with certain expectations regarding their agenda. The business creates their website according to their perception of what the customer desires; this forms a gap or a difference in perception. The model identifies the differences in perception that can occur during a service hence it can serve as a guideline to creating a helpful online service that satisfies the customers needs. The model applies to both online and direct customer services as they are both service interactions and it helps identify and improve customer

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