Gap Analysis Essay

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SWOT and competition analysis
Brand identity and position
Target market
Core/target consumer
Product and price categories

How the brand adapt from its origin to the Chinese marketing and how did the company leverage its brand equity

SWOT analysis

1. Strong marketing team and mature digital marketing
Internet stores connect well with stores, you can change your clothes in stores no matter which way you buy it(internet or go to the store)
2. American casual style and has abundant products which is suitable for all age.
3. Humanism service such as help customer modifies the size, only UNIQLO and gap produce this service.
4. Good reputation
When we talked about gap, most of Chinese always think that is a fashion
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1. China is a large market
Chine has the hugest market for foreign brand, and more and more people becoming middle class and they could afford gap
2. China is a new market. No matter what you have done, success or not. You can have a new environment to build a new identification
3. Chinese customers accustomed to shopping on internet and it will be a chance for gap to expand their digital services.
4.Multiple brands in GAP could help each other.

1. Many products will be imitate in China, especially those simple clothes like gap.
2. Marketing environment is not so good.
H&M ZARA are so strong and moving faster. And they are cheaper
It will cost a lot to rent a store in China.

Competition analysis | ZARA | H&M | UNIQLO | GAP | LEAD TIME | 12days | 21days | 18weeks | 90days | Time enter in china | 2006 | 2007 | 2002 | 2010 | Style | Fashion (mature, white-collar) | Fashion (young, dynamic) | Japanese casual | American casual | Competitive products | Many styles without Iconic products | Many styles without Iconic products | Basic models(Knitwear, Casual down) | Denim Jeans, sweater with gap logo | Quantity of stores in China | 159 | 245 | 335 | 89 | Chinese consumers awareness | High | high | high | Not so high | Average price | High | low | low | high | The development of Digital market | / | / | / | fastest | Number of styles every year | More than 120000 | More than 7200 |

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