Essay on Gap Analysis: Global Communications

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications
Gap Analysis: Global Communications Global Communications is currently among one of the telecommunication industry’s companies that is waning. Its stock has lost more than 50 % in value and Global Communications will face so challenges in making it appreciate again. Global Communications is also facing an increasing number of competitors. Global Communications has to look at all the current issues to try and find opportunities that may lie among them. Global Communications has to focus on choosing the right problems that will present the most opportunities to stay competitive and that are synced with the company’s goals. Global Communications situational analysis shows that the primary
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In this kind of situations, Bateman and Snell (2004) might suggest nonprogrammed decisions that can be used for diversification into new products and markets. They have already implemented something like this by making the decision to do some outsourcing and laying people off without consulting the union. They have already made an alliance with a satellite company that will increase the products they are able to offer as well as partnering with a wireless company. Another thing they need to work on is their global marketing. To find a new way to market their products Global Communicating should first look at their current marketing methods. This would be defined as the first step in problem solving by De Janasz, Dowd and Schneider (2002). To continue with this process the next step would be brainstorming which will give the opportunity for creative thoughts and ideas in how to approach global marketing. Once they have come this far they will need to organize the choices and then make some decisions on which are the best and most viable suggestions. Then implementation is the last step and should be incorporated when they have a solid focus on their new products and services they can offer globally. For a company to be a smooth, efficient company, the communication system in place must do its job. Without a way to keep employees and the public informed the company would not be

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