Gap Analysis : Gap Inc. Essay

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Doris Fisher and Don Fisher founded Gap Inc., a clothing and accessories retailer in 1969. Only 7 years after its establishment, Gap Inc. goes public with 1.2 million shares of stock. To give back to the community, Gap Inc. founded its nonprofit charitable division, Gap Foundation, by helping underprivileged youth and women in developing nations explore careers and build social skills. Gap Inc., famously known as Gap, also takes part in the PRODUCT (Red) campaign where they would sell specially designed products using the color and the word “Red”. Partial profit will be donated to give support to those who are diagnosed with AIDS. Despite its claim of supporting the community through several mediums that we have stated before, Gap is still reported as one of the retailers that do not practice transparency in some of its practices. This could be seen in its unfair labor practices in several parts of the world, over charging plus-size apparel and ordering Gap workers to purchase and wear Gap apparel at certain store locations in California. However, sila refute balik. Textile and clothing industry is by far the largest industry in India and produces more outputs that other industries in this country. It also accounts for the second highest employment rate, 35 million employees and growing, right behind agriculture. Some of the tasks that are given to the employees are weaving, knitting, spinning and clothing manufacturing. Tamil Nadu, one if the southern states in India has…

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