Gangs Can Make One 's Life More Difficult By Controlling Their Family

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Gangs can make one’s life more difficult by controlling how they live and who they interact with. Gangs are able to convince its members that the gang is their only real family. A gang membership will create broken family relationship as gang members do not consider their biological family as their real family, (Curry). Their gang members make it seem as if they are more important and as a result, this creates broken homes. Gang members rely on their family to support them financially, (Curry). This means that they need money to fulfill their duties as gang members. This includes anything from buying drugs to illegal firearms. Gang members are in and out of jail frequently therefore, their family members are subjected to paying the amount required to get them out. In the long run, this creates a loss of trust in the family and can put them in serious economic deprivation. Gang members do not realize that they are putting their families under a lot of stress. Moreover, family members are always wondering whether or not their loved one is safe, (“Impact of Gang activity on Family Members”). It is also common for families who have active gang members to suffer from depression. Not only do gangs harm the gang members/recruits, the individual’s family is also affected and this may lead to a loss of trust and interactions with each other.
A gang membership can deprive someone in finding success in life. Gang members tend to not perform well in school, (Muller). Dr. Muller says…

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