Gangs Are Dangerous Criminals, And They Join Gangs Essay

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Gangsters are dangerous criminals, and they join gangs for many reasons. The reasons why they join are caused by the people they encountered and the things they experienced, which have negative influence on them. Most gangsters join gangs because of their tough childhood. In this essay, I am using information from “Poor Parenting Causes Some Children to Join Gangs”, “A Need for Power and Respect Encourages Gang Behavior” and Always Running. Physical abuse might lead kids and young adults to engage in criminal behavior. Physical abuse can cause kids not only physical pain, but also emotional pain which consequently make kids develop self-destructive behavior. In “Poor Parenting Causes Some Children to Join Gangs”, Yablonsky, a writer, states that kids who are physically abused “denigrate themselves, feel worthless and are less likely to care about what happens to them.” (20) Yablonsky is saying that physical abuse can make kids feel depressed and terrified which consequently develop low self-esteem. They feel that it is worthless to live in this chaotic world. As a result, they do whatever they want even if it is a bad thing. Therefore, kids who are physically abused are more likely to commit crimes and engage in criminal behavior. In Always Running, Luis Rodriguez, a writer and a former gangster, writes about one of a gangster’s youth life “whenever she lost, her older brothers would slice her tongue with a razor. She wasn’t ever supposed to lose. This made her meaner,…

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