Gangs And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Gangs offer a twisted sense of love by telling its members that they have to take part in criminal activities and put their lives in danger for it. As gangs evolved throughout the years the level of violence and crime has increased dramatically; they have become a serious cancer in our society. It has stripped the family unit and a sense of community. No longer are young people focusing on their true value and worth but their focused on destroying one another. Gangs have become a detrimental issue in society its members are being abused, killed, and sometimes stripped of their future.
Gangs originally started in Europe during the 17th century and after the American Revolution in 1783 they moved to the United States. In the beginning it was mainly teenagers protecting their neighborhoods and participating in petty crimes such as stealing and vandalism. Gangs began participating in serious crimes in the mid to late 1820s in New York City and Chicago. These gangs were mainly involved in organized crime such as guns, alcohol, weapons, murder for hire, and protection. The gangs in the United States were mainly white men, it was not until the 1960s when the Hispanics and Blacks began to create their own gangs.
In the 1960s many Blacks from the South moved to the Northeast, Midwest, and Western regions. The gangs that were created in the Midwest and the West coast thrived but the Northeast did not. Around the same time the civil rights movement was taking place many of these…

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