Gang Violence Is No Foreign Term Here Essay

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Throughout the past years, gang violence in Canada has been a major issue. From the case of the Surrey Six to Hells Angels beating a local Kelowna man to death, gang violence is no foreign term here, especially in British Columbia. Though gang violence has reportedly gone down in the past years, it is still something individuals across Canada fear. As stated by Jennifer E. Butters, James Sheptycki, Serge Brochu, and Patricia G. Erickson in Guns and Seblethal Violence(2011), gangs are a direct link to drugs, violence, and weapons. It is explained that there has been many studies of regional gangs in Canada, though there is no conclusive answer as to what the progresses them. Martin Bouchard explained in Groups, gangs and Deliquency: Does organization matter?(2010) that the organization of many gangs displays a great amount of influence on youth and the delinquency of its members. Membership in a gang is usually self nominating, though some individuals do not have a choice but to be a part of or a victim of gang violence. Back in 2007, the infamous Surrey Six massacre has brought fear into everyone 's home. As of this past September the process of convicting the murderers of six local males, and counting, has begun. From a execution style massacre, to a local Kelowna man beat to death by three men linked to the Hells Angels, gangs have no limitations as to what they can do and they will do anything to get the job done.
2007, a year where a terrifying massacre was unexpectedly…

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