Gang Culture And Family Intervention : African American Youth

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Gang Culture and Family Intervention: African American Youth and the Trauma of Criminalized Urban Settings

This cultural study will define the problem of criminal urban settings in the formation of trauma for American youth related with gang activities. The primary risk of African American trauma for teenagers exposes the individual to violence, murder, and incarceration due to peer pressure to join gangs. African-American youth are a high-risk population by being exposed to murder, violence, and criminal activities in major urban centers across America. These behaviors, however, can treated through therapy, family intervention, and the concept of ‘exile” in the relocation of the individual outside of the criminal gang culture. The relocation of the traumatized individual can provide an increased awareness of non-criminalized settings and cultural options related to safer lifestyles. These factors define effective treatments options, which decrease the behavioral symptoms of gang-related trauma in a safer setting. In essence, the problem of criminal urban settings for African-American youth will be defined in the trauma-based aspects of violence in gang related activities within the context of family interventionist solutions.
In the United States, African American teenagers are at high risk of becoming involved in violent gang-related activities. Culturally, the popularity of gang culture in urban settings provides a platform for teenagers to become traumatized by…

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