Gandhi : Mother India Or Tyrant Essay

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Indira Gandhi; Mother India or Tyrant
Indira Gandhi leaves a divided legacy. To the poor she is a hero. She is Mother India, who helped the underprivileged with her social welfare programs and the mother of the Green Revolution, which helped make India self-sufficient in grain productions. For others she is the architect of the Emergency, a dark period in India’s history when democracy was suppressed and political enemies we put down or jailed. Under her rule India won a war against Pakistan freeing the east, and creating the country of Bangladesh in 1971. But, arguably, Indira Gandhi’s enduring legacy remains, her ability to connect with the poor. As Jawaharlal Nehru’s only child, Indira, had, in her early adult year’s first assumed the job of her father’s unofficial assistant and later stood as President of Congress After her father’s death she became minister of Information and Broadcasting under Lal Bahadar Shasta. After Gandhi’s victory in the general election, she made a sharp move to the left resulting in her expulsion from her party and the formation of a new faction of the party. Gandhi abandoned her father’s focus on public-sector industrial investment, and set out to increase agricultural production by whatever means necessary, resulting in the so called Green Revolution.1 India became self-stuffiest in food grain productions. Under Gandhi’s control, agricultural production increased by 26 percent and…

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