Mahatma Gandhi's View On War

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Gandhi helped to teach us a great deal of things in Hind swaraj or Home Rule, but his explanation in section sixteen is what stood out the most to me. It spoke of Brute force and how it is used as a tactic to achieve specific goals and explain the outcome. This does not sound like a great deal to do, however it brings to question on the idea of authority and how it is connected to the physical aspect of it. Why humans find the means of using such force to be deceivingly justifiable. Another thing he talks about is connecting it to a specific country to explain why these actions will bring equal ends. He explains how peace is brought forth through peaceful actions, which sounds simple but proves to be difficult at times. People have been conditioned to not think of their actions as a form of something that is inherently positive or negative, but rather to expect a consequence from …show more content…
This is from the idea that war will bring peace but if we are to apply Gandhi 's work in a responsible way, then we would come to the conclusion that the only way to find peace and tranquility is by using means that are also peaceful. Now it sounds idealistic and unlikely, but if the logic of this is to stand true then what if humans tried to no longer had the upper hand to each other, and let our brotherhood no longer consist of great wars but rather trade of knowledge. Gandhi 's teaching has faced many things but of protests that I heard were in his name, I have not heard of once the protesters raising against to even protect themselves in physical force in order to cause no harm to others. This is true selfishness and even though Gandhi is not from the country or even this era, humanity as a whole still has a lot to learn from

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