Gandhi : An Autobiography And The Help Essay

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Social justice is the fair treatment of all people, whether they have a different ethnic origin, gender, race or religion. Social injustice is the complete opposite. It is the unfair treatment of a group of people despite of their opinions. Throughout time we see how many people of different ethnic origins are poorly treated and discriminated because of their race, gender or beliefs. Gandhi: An Autobiography and The Help portray multiple insights of the world in the 1900’s compared to modern day society. Social justice is a major theme in The Help and Gandhi: An Autobiography. In these two books we see how society can be a cruel mistress. How people of different races are treated throughout time and how the main characters never give up on hope for a better future in our community.

In Gandhi: An Autobiography and The Help, the social aspect of each book deals with racism, prejudice and how each character must overcome society 's judgement.

In Gandhi: An Autobiography, Gandhi was thrown off trains, beaten and verbally abused, and forced to obey cruel laws. It was from that point he would make a drastic change for himself and other who were forced to obey these laws.

On June 7th, 1893, at Pietermaritzburg station, Gandhi was riding first class on a train, when the conductor wanted him to move to third class. He refused to give up his seat and was thrown off the train. He was asked to relocate to a less desirable part of the train after a European man…

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