Essay on Gandhi : A High Caste Of Indian Society

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On October 2 1869, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in Porbandar, India. As his mother was devoted to religion, his lifestyle was heavily impacted on by teachings of mutual tolerance non-injury toward living things and the practise of vegetarianism, coming from the beliefs of Jainism. His father being Chief Minister of Porbandar, meant that Gandhi was fortunate enough to be born into a high caste of Indian society. Gandhi received a thorough education however proved to perform no better than his peers. Following Indian customs, he was betrothed to Kasturba Makhanji through a marriage arranged by their parents, on the May of 1883. Gandhi continued his education at Samaldas College at the University of Mumbai and soon after had the first of his four son in 1888. He was discontent during his university education in India and when the opportunity to expand his education abroad came he gladly accepted. From the age of 19 he began his studies at the University of London. Abroad, he was still determined to abide by Hindu practices and initially felt London very limiting toward his lifestyle. Although having admitted not to have deep interests in religion, his life in London led him to pursue his studies in religion, studying different religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and many others.

When he returned to India once again, he found it difficult to find work and in 1893 he accepted a working contact at an Indian firm in Natal, South Africa for a year. During the…

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