Essay On Gamergate

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#Gamergate Growing up I always enjoyed playing video games with my sister and she was often better than I was at games that I played more often. I had always believed that title of nerd was gender neutral and we stuck together better than any other social group. However, in this paper we will be discussing the phenomenon of Gamergate, its inception and the impact that it had on women, gamers, and surrounding social groups. While the Gamergate hashtag is used by many different people (i.e. Gamers, Coders, Bloggers) as a title for the argument they are attempting to make at the time, all of the arguments tend to be different. However, the harassment towards women that is described in this paper is done by gamers and trolls online. While others my use the tag for a separate purpose this is the group in which gives the hashtag its notorious connection. My hope with this paper is to allow someone to understand why the phenomenon is so controversial and why the sexism that Gamergate embodies is something that everyone should actively oppose. Gamergate is a rather difficult subject to talk about due to the fact that the label is merely an umbrella term used to encompass so many social groups including gamers, journalists, by-stander audiences, etc. Gamergate is …show more content…
They all show those who call themselves gamers and support Gamergate are using it as nothing more than a front for their sexism and misogyny. They may be gamers however; they are so close minded that they refuse to acknowledge any form of progression that the culture of gaming attempts to take. While there may be members who support the Gamergate phenomenon for a purpose other than the sexism it shows; by merely being attached to the name they are showing that they are okay with things that those using its name have been doing to women who love video games as much as they

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