Essay on Gambling Addiction : Illegal Gambling

805 Words Apr 21st, 2016 4 Pages
Casinos and gambling have been taking place in the United States for many years, but there are some complications that come with it. For example, there is gambling addiction that can cause family issues, crime, and many more. The Casino Ethics survey that was taken over the semester shows that the majority of what I believe to be true about gambling and casinos is also true with the public. Personally I feel like gambling addiction is as serious and worrisome as the addiction to alcohol and nicotine, as do 73.8% of the people who took the survey. Gambling addiction is usually caused by desperation of money and the desire to experience the thrills and highs, but usually gambling just leads to the gambler into a cycle that makes them feel the need to win back their losses. I think that more casinos becoming legal in more states, easy access to online gambling, and lottery and scratch tickets being available in most stores all contribute to the rise of gambling addiction because it is very easy for someone to drive to the closest casino, go to an online betting website, or drive to a local convenient store and easily gamble. Casinos are linked to many important issues, but the three that I would say are most important are gambling addiction (81%), family troubles (69%), and increase of taxes (50%). I think that both gambling addiction and increase of taxes are all connected to family troubles because addiction and loss of money obviously will affect a family, but also even if…

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