Galooli Case Study

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The two main hardware of Galooli is the Triton K2 and the Corona TR7Z, both function similarly as tracking units, with the former designed for vehicles and the latter designed for generators and telecom sites.
With the hardware installed, information of the asset (e.g. engine diagnostics) is transmitted over to Galooli’s patented software – the ZON™ Control. An example of the solution structure can be seen in Fig D.

Through a unique algorithm, the data is processed and presented in real-time through clear charts, graphs and numbers for the user. This enables the user to monitor his/her assets remotely, analyse their performances and rectify any abnormalities. Users can choose to monitor as many assets as they want and the information of
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It is a bold move on Galooli’s part as the business model Galooli Fleet is going to adopt for UK will be vastly different from what it has done in the past.

Since its inception, Galooli Fleet has operated on a B2B business model whereby Galooli Fleet works with distributors from various countries. The distributors are responsible for the support and sales of Galooli’s solutions in their respective countries while the team in Galooli provides support services for the distributors.
There are two main reasons behind the business model. First, Galooli does not have the manpower or resources to support over thousands of end customers. It is more feasible and efficient to support a few distributors instead. By concentrating their resources on supporting these distributors, Galooli would be able to provide dedicated support for them as well as ensure higher quality product development. Secondly, the local distributors have the know-how and network to establish a larger end customer base than Galooli. Galooli is therefore able to tap into the existing networks of the distributors without having to expand much effort on its
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As a large part of my role in Galooli is design intensive, I find myself utilizing software such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator on an everyday basis. Eventually I decided to focus on honing my skills in Photoshop and this meant that I spent a lot of time on YouTube and Google as I searched for tutorials. I also seek help from my roommate, Fiona, as she is a designer and is proficient with the software. There are many times when I became frustrated as it is nearly impossible to find a tutorial that targets the specific issue I faced and even when it does, another issue would occur and the process repeats itself. This impeded my work productivity at times as I strived to create the highest quality design and this eats up a huge part of my time. It is then I realize that compromises are necessary and I must prioritize. Time management is therefore a problem for me and as of now, I have started setting goals and deadlines for myself on SmartSheet so as to keep me focused on my

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