Galileo 's View On Science Essay

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In what probably started off as a simple conversation, the arbitration between religion and science eventually turned into arguably the most riveting debate of the Renaissance period. Galileo is the protagonist in a story that takes place in Europe during the seventeenth century. There was a constant confrontation for using the Holy Scripture to determine the aspects of the physical world that from Galileo’s point-of-view was contrary to the laws of science. The only way to discern who has the upper hand in this argument is to find out who has the absolute truth. In a dispute that has a tendency to make emotions run high, opinions are seldom wanted; and the readers truly acknowledge how Galileo did a great job providing them with the facts from his research on astronomy.
Something that Galileo talked about in his article is how people believe that scriptural passages overrides science. Galileo said that “those who in disputes about natural phenomena that do not directly involve Faith give first place to scriptural passages (pg. 52).” What Galileo means by this statement is that, people are quick to use quotes from the bible to explain something that has nothing to do with religion. He finds this very disorderly because he believes that in an argument the “true side” will provide thousands of experiments and demonstrations while the other side provides nothing but “sophisms, paralogisms, and fallacies (pg.52).” As you can probably already discern, Galileo used a plethora of…

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