Essay on Galileo 's Theory Of The Universe

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Galileo had observed sunspots before and they helped build the case of the universe being less than unchanging. In letters he wrote back and forth with another astronomer they tracked the movement of the sunspots and concluded that the sun was rotating. If the sun was rotating maybe it was not the only heavenly body out there capable of movement. This information helped to fill in some of the last gaps in Copernicus’s theory of a heliocentric universe and increased Galileo’s confidence that this was not just a theory but the way things were. Galileo believed the heliocentric universe to be fact and had a truckload of evidence to back it up. His serious trouble with the church began when he let his strong faith in the theory spill into his writings and discussions, where they seemed to be favored over Aristotelean theory. The tipping point was the publishing of his book Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, which is structured as a debate between two men with one listening and eventually agreeing with the Copernican theory. He reasoned that this was not heresy since it was the characters arguing the Copernican system and not dialogue directly from him. The Church strongly disagreed and convicted him for heresy. He was 70 years old and spent the rest of his life confined to house arrest. Galileo failed to sway the churches opinions regarding Copernican theory although he spent many years trying. Fifteen years earlier he had written a letter to The…

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