Galileo 's Life And Accomplishments Essay

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In this course, History 102 Western Civilization Post 1689, the five things I have learned are: Galileo Galilei’s life and accomplishments, political and social thought in the Enlightenment, the industrial revolutions in Europe, Russian Revolution, and the era of totalitarianism. I feel that this course had taught me so much about topics that I only learned a small amount about in my educational career. The topics I have selected are ones that I feel made a large impact in the world, and some in my life, and that without these events, the world would be different.
The first event I selected was Galileo Galilei, his life, and his accomplishments. Galileo was an astronomer and philosopher who, in chapter seventeen, is talked about with his discoveries in science and how he “established a fundamental principle of modern science: the order and uniformity of nature” (Perry, et al., 2016). In my first video project assignment, I spoke about how Galileo developed the telescope, and then modified it to be stronger. With his telescope, he saw that the moon had several phases and that the sun was the center of the universe, and not the Earth (Serviss, 2016). Galileo, although attacked by the church for his finding and placed on house arrest, still held to his findings. With the church, and the strong Inquisition, Galileo knew his teachings would only reach so many because of the censorship the Church had over intellectual inquiry (Perry, et al., 2016). Galileo’s significance was that…

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