Galaxy 's Market Plan For Galaxy Essay

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Executive Summary
Galaxy is a U.K. company that sells chocolate products in U.K., Ireland, Middle East, Pakistan, India, and North Africa. The company is seeking to enter into Canada’s Market. This paper will present a market plan for Galaxy to enter the Canada market. In this market plan, a description of the company will be prepared and the strategic focus and plan including the core values, mission, and objectives that the company will have. The plan will also have the market analysis. The market analysis will involve conducting the internal and external environments that will play a role in the success or failure of the company in the new market. Finally, the competitive analysis will be conducted to analyze the companies that Galaxy will compete against. Company Description
Galaxy Chocolate is a brand of milk chocolate that is marketed by Mars. It was first sold in the United Kingdom although it has spread its market coverage to Ireland, Middle East, Egypt, Pakistan, India, and Morocco. In the United Kingdom, the brand was ranked the second best-selling after Cadbury Dairy Milk. The company as sells as dove in many countries, especially in the continental Europe. The portfolio of the brand includes among other notable products milk chocolate, Cookie Crumble, Minstrels, Fruit and Nut varieties, Ripple, Amicelli, Bubbles, Promises, and Truffle (Galaxy, 2016). The company also market a wide-ranging products like ready-to-drink chocolate milt, chocolate cakes, hot…

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