Essay on Galanz Introduction

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Dr. S. P. Vendan #1, K. A. Mohamed Isqhak*2, R. Prabakaran *3, N.Sugajen*4 and M.Pravinkumar*5

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore-641004. 1


IV Year BE Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore-641004. 2 3

Abstract. This paper involves computational fluid dynamics analysis and simulation of a shock wave generating equipment. Shock waves are produced by suddenly exposing a high pressure region to a low pressure region. This involves in the design of an arrangement that acts as a valve which
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As a result shock wave loading of materials can be very fascinating leading to new industrial applications based on them. Some of the applications include shockwave assisted gene transfer, preservative injection into wood slats, oil extraction, drug delivery, metal forming, reduction of bioburden in natural products, oil extraction

from sandalwood and paper manufacturing. Shock wave tubes are also used in research laboratories as wave reactors for kinetic studies and material systems.

2.1 Principle Shockwaves are produced when a high pressure region is suddenly exposed to low pressure region. The shock tube in its simplest form a uniform cross-section tube divided into a driver and driven sections by a diaphragm. Both sections are filled with gases with the driver section at higher pressure. When the diaphragm is suddenly allowed to burst, a plane normal shock travels down the driven section heating the gas there instantaneously. This is replaced by using a pneumatically actuated sliding piston that produces the effect of the diaphragm of the conventional shock tubes. This diaphragm less method has the advantage that it does not pollute the low pressure region by minute fragments produced by the rupture of the diaphragm. A largeamplitude wave formed by the sudden compression of the medium through which the wave moves. Shock waves can be

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