Wonder Woman Analysis

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The Most Badass Female Action Hero
Gal Gadot, “immediately realized the opportunity she was being handed, both as an actor and as a feminist.”(Morris). The role of D.C.’s latest superhero, Wonder Woman, practically saved the industry. After the release of the movie, Gal Gadot became instantly famous and her name peaked a widespread interest from people, since she wasn't commonly known. Alex Morris, the author of Rolling Stone’s cover story, set to release, on September 1, 2017 “Gal Gadot on Becoming Wonder Woman, the Biggest Action Hero of the Year”, effectively used pathos and tone to portray the story of how Gal mistakenly found herself on top of the world after the release of Wonder Woman. Morris effectively makes appeals to pathos
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In the article, Morris adds a lot of dialog between her and Gal and this dialog helps portray Gal as a loving and warm human being. Who has strong beliefs of a girl’s “capability to value herself.” (Gadot).In her interview, Gal stated, “Every woman, every man, everyone should be a feminist. Because whoever is not a feminist is a sexist.” The strength of this quote reflects Morris’s depiction of Gal’s personality. By doing this Gal is to be seen more relatable to her role as Wonder Woman. The author conveys Gal’s motherly aspect when she describes how Gal reacted when she found out that the child in Morris’s pregnant belly is a girl. She then added that Gal stated that “Being a woman is a strength in so many ways”(Gadot ). This is something Gal firmly believes in because she has had the experience of being a mother who knows the experiences and obstacles of becoming a mother. By including this quote, the audience is able to see how Gal Gadot is the perfect actress for Wonder Woman. She reassures Morris, who may be a little nervous about becoming a mother. Morris uses dialog between her and Gal to provide the reader with a view of What Gal’s Personality is like and how it relates to Wonder

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