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Anacortes Memories Write Up
Gail Kirschbaum is the lovely, caring and respectable person I got to interview for this project. Having her as my grandma I have looked up too her as a role model and admired the way she puts others needs before herselfs. I loved hearing more about her early life I have never heard before. I always wondered how my grandma became such affectionate person. Her childhood was the answer. She went through a series of hard events in her life that made her the person she is today.
A new aspect I learned during the interview was that the time period my grandma grew up in was right after the great depression that struck the US in the 1930’s. My grandma was adopted from a foster home in Chicago when she was three and was told her mom died of cancer and dad died during world war ll. Later on she found her birth certificates saying she was born three years before her birthday. What she later found out was that her mom could not afford to feed her and she had five biological brothers and sister. She has never met any of them and does not know much about her roots. Although she has done a DNA test a while ago saying she was 60% Irish she has still never been able to contact her birth parents..
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Living in chicago during the time period after the great depression might have caused her to be adopted. The safer environment even in the city she had to play in was different then the crime that endangers kids today who play outside. Although most kids today play with electronic devices instead of going outside. Family structure has changed from women not working to working which to me is a positive change but in the mid 1900’s normal for women. Interviewing Gail Kirschbaum let me find out the changes in all aspects of life from the mid 1900’s to

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