Essay on Gagne 's Nine Events Of Instruction

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Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction
Gagne’s learning theory is based on two basic elements: the internal conditions that will intervene in the process and the external conditions that will promote optimal learning. From his point of view both elements, learning and instruction, become two sides of the same theory therefore must be created and studied together. According to Robert Gagne’s instructional theory, the instructor acts as a tutor or guide during the learning process; generating motivation, providing the stimulus, encouraging feedback and being present in each of the stages of learning. On the other hand, the learner is active in each of the stages of learning subject; processing information and giving answers to the demands of the instructor, likewise, apply knowledge in different situations and contexts (Kretchmar, 2015).
Gaining Students’ Attention
The crazy selfie. Nowadays, most of our students have a smart phone and most of them have done a selfie at least one time, that 's why this team-building strategy will be a great icebreaker activity to implement in this class. This will be a fun dynamic to break the ice in a group composed of adult learners, using the main technological object of these days, the cellphone. The objective of this activity is to give students the opportunity to become better acquainted with each other and, of course, break the ice to make both new and shy students feel comfortable and secure in their new learning environment; by using…

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