Gabriel J. Iglesias Characteristics

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Gabriel J. Iglesias (comically known as Fluffy) is how he is publicly acknowledged, but his actual name is Gabriel J. Iglecias. He is noted for his variety of skills as a comedian, actor, writer, producer, and voice actor. Gabriel is famous for his use of these multiple talents throughout performances in movies and live television; he is best recognized for his show I 'm Not Fat… I 'm Fluffy and Hot & Fluffy. He utilizes storytelling and sound effects in several of his compositions, some other features include reference to his weight and his signature Hawaiian shirts. Although Gabriel is currently worth 2.5 million dollars, he has not always been this fortunate and struggled financially growing up.

Gabriel was born on July 15th, 1976 in
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Gabriel’s fans responded well to this comical approach of his appearance and even started bringing cake after he made a joke about his craving for cake. Other than his obesity jokes, he also references Mexican American culture, race relations, and everyday situations. His career started the day he quit his job at a cell phone company in Los Angeles to launch a career in comedy despite his family’s pleads for him to find a more secure financial profession. At the age of 21, he began performing stand-up comedy and appeared in skits on Nickelodeon in 2000. After nearly five years, he aired his first half hour special on Comedy Central which got named for “Half Hour Special of the Year” in 2003. Then in 2006 he became a finalist on the NBC summer reality competition Last Comic Standing. However he was caught using a Blackberry cellphone and was disqualified from the competition for violating the rules; there was not supposed to be any communication between competitors and their family or friends. Less than a year later, his first hour-long special was released and later went triple platinum when put on DVD. Soon he released his second hour-long special, Gabriel Iglesias: I’m Not Fat I’m Fluffy, which received massive attention from critics, broadened his audience, and expanded his fan base. Then in 2011 he debuted his …show more content…
The city of El Paso County presented Iglesias with the key of the city on February 10th, 2012 along with several other awards that were created by The El Paso County Commissioners. He also received the Congressional Recognition from Congressman Silvestre Reyes in El Paso, Texas that same year. Another award was given to him was the Beacon of H.O.P.E Award from the nonprofit organization Operation H.O.P.E; this was presented during a luncheon fundraiser that raised an estimated $5,000. Two years later Gabriel’s first critically acclaimed stand-up comedy movie The Fluffy Movie, which now is on Blu Ray and DVD; this followed his successful film Hot & Fluffy and I 'm Not Fat...I 'm Fluffy, which sold over two million copies. Not much later from releasing his second movie, Comedy Central broadcasted Gabriel Iglesias: Aloha Fluffy to over 15 million viewers in an extraordinary special that lasted two nights. He also got the opportunity to perform at Madison Square Garden in 2015, an honor only certain comedian got to do. This put him in rank with celebrities who inspired him such as: Paul Rodriguez, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, and Kevin Hart. During his career he has been nominated for an ALMA Award for Favorite TV Reality, Variety, or Comedy Personality. Then he was best publicized at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festivals in

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