GI Bill Benefits While Attending WGU

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Veterans, Dependants, National Guard Members & Reservists

Guide to receiving your GI Bill benefits while attending WGU

What steps do I need to take to be certified to receive my MGIB benefits?
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Each WGU student develops a personalized Academic Action Plan (AAP) that establishes the education program and time that will be required to complete it. Satisfactory academic progress is a measure of your progress toward the completion of a degree or certificate program. It is a quantitative measure based on the number of competency units you’ve completed divided by the total number of units you’ve enrolled cumulatively over your academic career at WGU. To maintain good standing, all WGU students receiving education benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs must achieve an overall minimum cumulative pass rate (Satisfactory Academic Progress) of …show more content…
You will be assigned to a VA counselor who should provide WGU’s VA Department with a Form 1905 prior to your start date.

Tuitions Assistance Benefits

We are happy to report that the Department of Defense Education Opportunities office does approve active-duty military personnel to receive Tuition Assistance as WGU students. Contact Jeff Bingham, Guia Borromeo or Valarie Vela at to provide you with a Degree Plan, containing the courses, codes and costs that you require to complete your TA Application.

Education Programs Monthly Rates as of October 1, 2010 * Active servicepersons are paid the veteran rate or a rate that reimburses tuition and fees, whichever is lower.

Three Years or more of Service Pay Rate

CHAPTER 30 (Basic Rates) Montgomery G.I. Bill – Active

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