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GE has always been a leader in innovation and having the latest technologies but in the recent years the world has progressed and now competitors also have easy access to the latest technologies. Overall there are huge technological developments taking place in the marketplace and to cope up with them GE implements and follows lots of plans.
The pivotal program that GE started was the LIG program. LIG stands for Leadership, Innovation and Growth. LIG is a four day program. It was the first ever effort by GE to bring together all of its senior members of the business management team for training. The LIG proved to be very effective. The purpose of LIG was to make organic growth and innovation an important part of GE much like what Six Sigma
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A diverse number of sources were required such as coal, gas, wind, solar and biomass and nuclear energy to solve the energy crisis and high amount of efficiency and reliability are required to bring the cost of electricity down. So GE wanted the electricity to be affordable and be a reliable source of energy and in the meantime also be environmentally responsible. They introduced the flex efficiency 50 launch production plant that had a one button start button and had a innovative plant design and a two year construction schedule. They also redefined turbine efficiency with advanced thermal coatings and advanced cooling and …show more content…
An example of GE technology spoiling the human rights can be the low cost ultrasound device being used in India to support sex-selective abortion.
Two or three times a year a “Session T” is held by GE. It brings together the technologists of GE along with the service and marketing people and the customers to talk about the future trends and challenges that may come in the near future. In this session the most important question is for the customers, that is, GE asks them if the solutions they are providing are catering to their concerns and needs.
GE also catered to the problem of exceptionally high fuel costs for the mobile network operators on their power transmission towers in parts of Asia and Africa. These towers were previously being consuming around $14 billion worth of fuel. GE solved this problem by launching Durathon batteries. These were installed in the towers where there was no electricity or the electrical supply was unreliable. With these batteries the towers were able to run with a diesel-battery power system that was able to cut the fuel costs by

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