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Casio Watches - Market Analysis, Research Methodology and Customers

Market Analysis
The mission of Casio's product development is to create something where there was nothing before - what Casio calls going from "0" to "1." By creating totally original products, Casio strongly believes that they add fun and convenience to daily life and pioneers new cultural trends. "Demand-creating" products, which Casio’s opinion will create markets of their own, produce economic and technological ripple effects. Strategic advantages of Casio in product development are realized by focusing on the following two core areas: 1. Superb product planning driven by accurate assessments of people's needs 2. Superior
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A Review Of The G Shock Marketing Essay
G-shock,which has good shockproof and waterproof characteristics, is a well-known brand that belongs to Casio. According to Casio International (2009), 'SHOCK' means to combat and impact the shock and 'G' means the gravity tends to convey a kind of spirit which is "never give up" and "toughness". In 1981,a Casio research personnel named Mr. Nikaido broke his watch which was a gift from his father as a prize for passing the college entrance examination. Therefore, he began to develop a shockproof watch (Casio, 2009) In 1983, the first G-shock came to the world. However, it did not sell well at first. After this low tide, he spend 25 years to create his own pop culture and also spawned a variety of styles of different series. G-shock has been created from a simple belief: The creation of a never smashed watch [Casio International 2009]. Today, G-SHOCK continues its pursuit of further innovation and creates all kinds of impossibilty.
The advertisement uses the background of a movie which is called Initial D. The content of this movie was from a Japan automobile race cartoon which attracted a considerable number of young people.

According to Hall et al (2008), marketing mix is a basic concept in marketing area, referring to the companies determine the best combination of controllable marketing factors according to customer needs and business marketing as

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