Fxt2 Task 1 Essays

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Slide: 1 Presenter's Notes:
Presentation regarding the university’s Disaster Recovery Plan/Enterprise Continuity Plan including: basic structures; roles within the DRP/ECP plan; areas within a company if addressed improve resilience to catastrophic events, and an employee awareness campaign.

Slide 2: Presenter's notes:
Presenter's notes:
The presentation will cover several areas dealing with the university’s ability to prepare for an emergency or catastrophic event. The areas covered include:
1. Personnel roles within a disaster recovery and emergency continuity plan
2. Areas within the university that when properly addressed provide resilience to operational disturbances
3. Outline of a DRP/ECP training program.
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The university creates a strategic plan to implement its DRP/ECP while maintaining the baseline objective of continuing to secure data systems. Slide 6: Presentation notes:
The second resilience layer deals with the structure of the university. In this layer the roles of DRP/ECP are generated, for example, who will manage personnel during an emergency. A second example is who will manage data access control during a catastrophic event and the role's responsibilities. Whom will be held accountable for the tasks associated with each role such including what management personnel will ensure lower personnel will comply with the ERP/DCP. Another example within this layer are rules that will govern communications during an emergency, for example, which technologies will be in use. How each member of emergency personnel communicates with other university employees; and finally which skills held by various members of personnel are required to comply with DRP/ECP defined goals.

Slide 7: Presentation notes:
The third resilience layer deals with processes. Processes refer to the plans created to continue operating during an emergency. An example is creating a plan that allows for employees to continue accessing vital information during the event. In this layer, the emergency team management generates processes for the ECP/DRP. Processes update as needed to reflect changes or new

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