Futuristic Advantages Of Maintaining A Genetic Database Essay

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Futuristic Advantages of Maintaining a Genetic Database
As time has strengthened the understanding of the genome, controversy has arisen over the role of genetics in society. Genes store the recipe for human life. Thus, by having access to an individual 's genetic information, a vast amount of knowledge could be gathered. Genetic information can be obtained through specific forms of DNA analysis, which include testing for monogenic recessive or monogenic dominant condition, as well as more nonspecific forms of analysis, such as disease susceptibility testing (Julia & Itsik, 2007, p. 440). A national genetic databases would be a collection of the genetic records of all the citizens within a country. Though some find the creation of a genetic database to be a violation of their personal privacy, others believe there to be more value in the knowledge that could be obtained from the genetic information. National genetic databases, or Biobanks, have already been implemented in numerous European countries such as the United Kingdom and Estonia. The Biobank project within the United Kingdom contains lifestyle information and blood samples of every citizen. A non-profit project is in place in Estonia to collect health information and blood samples of the citizens of Estonia for disease research and drug developmental purposes; already, three-fourths of Estonia has been added to the national genetic database created by the Estonian Genome Project Foundation and EGeen (Australian,…

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