Future Social Worker : The Sun, A Dark And Powerful Light Essay

1606 Words Oct 21st, 2016 7 Pages
Imagine floating through the galaxy, in the center of the system you see the sun, a luminous and powerful light. Revolving around this brilliant ball of light are celestial bodies orbiting and interacting with this sun. The bodies that are closest to the sun are affected the most, and the farther away the orbiting bodies are the less of an impact they have. Now, this metaphor might seem insignificant, but it illustrates the systems perspective perfectly: it shows people’s personal systems and how they are affected by them. In this example, the sun would be the individual and the celestial bodies or planets are the systems affecting the sun. For my personal system, the bodies closest to me and who I’m affected by the most would be my family, friends, and school. The next ring a little farther away would be my extended family, work, neighbors, peers, and religious affiliation. Some of these systems overlap or collide in my life and it is important for me as a future social worker to be aware of my system perspective when working with clients and organizations, and to recognize how it has shaped my world. It is important for a social worker to understand systems perspectives when evaluating a client considering you need to understand everything about that person to give them the most accurate help. You need to know how their family, friends, neighborhood, religious affiliation, work, etc. affects their life. Without knowledge of this information, you may not be giving them…

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