Future Lady Killer Analysis

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With Manning’s sculpture The Future Lady Killer a devilish baby is in a worn out crib.

His inspiration stemmed from the baby onesies for boys that say on the front “future lady killer”

meaning he will be irresistible and attract a ton of girls when he grows up into a man. However

from Manning’s humorous perspective we see in literal terms he will actually grow up to be a

murderer. Since the crib was made from old rusted cut wire and wood with a rustic old look it

creates a disturbing cage like quality as if to contain an animal for the piece. The sharp lines that

frame the piece contrast what a baby crib would be with soft curved edges, we instantly think of

cage rather than a secure crib. The clown like attributes of his face
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He is not kept for his own safety but rather for those whom he may come into

contact with. The found objects don’t feel old and wore out naturally over time bust destroyed

and obstructed by the child. Its gruesome for society to think of an innocent child as a killer but

Manning humorously depicts the reality of the labels with give our children as they grow up.

Manning’s use of paint and craftsmanship is evident on Future Lady Killer however it

is seen throughout his work. The face of the child was craftily painted similar to that of a clown

face, a skill that he obtained through his evolution of work painting on 3-D objects prior to

sculpture. Since Trent Manning is familiar with multiple techniques and skills that he has learned

over time as a growing artist, his work reveals his true talent and capabilities. The pieces he

creates take more than a few simple techniques to be the successful sculptures they are. As

Manning continues to create pieces he is able to better himself as an artist constantly gaining new

skills and techniques that make his art what it is today. By having the skill sets he does he has the

advantage when revealing a story with each sculpture giving his work a meaning and a

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